Let’s minimize the impact together.

Dementia is part of the life of more than 342,000 people living with dementia and their carers and families. The vast majority of people living with dementia in the community rely on a carer to support them where they need professional and intense care which can make a lot of difference.

Professional Caring is a role that brings joy, togetherness, and personal growth. Elders with Dementia and Alzheimer’s need not only care with patience but also need a future plan to enhance their memory skills with a detailed action plan. We at Coastwide community care consult with you, understand the personality, preferences and requirements of care and prepare the care plan in detail.  We do everything in a way that promotes your happiness and minimizes the impacts of dementia in your life or your loved one’s life.

Our Structured programs, led by qualified professionals, can provide you with:
• Knowledge about dementia, its symptoms, progression and changing care needs with detailed counselling.
• Skilled and trained Caregivers to support you in the caring role
• Information and advice about the best available resources and services of care.

Let’s Talk about your Alzheimer & Dementia Care Today

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