What is a Home Care Package?

Home Care Packages are funded by the Australian Government to help older Australians continue living at home safely and independently.

The funding that the consumer receives through their Home Care Package can be spent on a wide range of community services, care services, social, support and well-being services with an approved provider, as well as on some types of equipment and home modification, to enable them to live safely and well at home.

Because everyone has different needs and goals, the way Home Care funding is spent changes from person to person – it’s important that your care plan is individualised and supports you to achieve your well-being goals. Equally, what helps one person live independently and well at home may not work for another.

This article is here to provide guidance and examples of what your Home Care Package can be used to pay for to help you get the most from your approved funding.

What can the Home Care Package fund be used for?

Consumers may use some of their funds for equipment or for modifications to their homes to enable them to stay at home (like adding a ramp to access the home). Others might use all of their package funds on home care services.

Equipment and modification requests are always reviewed by both your provider and other health professionals, like your GP, physiotherapist or similar, to ensure that the outcome will support your goals.

For some consumers, the biggest impact on well-being has been achieved through enabling them to continue doing what they love or staying connected to their local area and community. It’s important that whatever the identified solution is, it is developed in partnership between the consumer and care provider and it meets the identified needs that are documented in the care plan.

Who is eligible for home care packages?

Home care packages are available to older Australians, who wish to receive additional support from an aged care provider that will allow them to continue living at home safely and independently. The amount of funding you receive will depend on the level of your package. In addition, our team are able to provide you with assistance in navigating MyAgedCare and starting the process of getting an assessment done to receive your package level. Once this assessment is complete, you can begin the process of finding an aged care provider to support you with your goals.

Not too sure whether you are eligible for home care services? Contact our team!

Home care package levels

There are four levels of the Home Care Package to meet different care and support needs – from level 1 to level 4 – and the level you are approved for will depend on the outcome of your Aged Care Assessment. Each Home Care Package level receives a set amount of funding from the government that can be used to pay for care and support services.

A Level 1 Home Care Package provides a low level of funding, designed to support you with a few hours of care and support per week. A Level 4 Home Care Package is the highest available and is designed to support someone requiring a high level of care and support to stay living at home.

The funding amount provided by the Australian Government for each level of Home Care Packages changes regularly. The latest rates can be found through MyAgedCare.

Did you know these services can be provided under a Home Care Package?

  • pet care – from helping take your furry friends to the vet or groomer, to supporting you to care for and walking them regularly.
  • cooking meals together, or learning new recipes
  • attending exercise classes at a gym or aquatic centre with a care worker there to support you
  • visiting favourite places, the beach, a park or place of significance on a day trip
  • going to the library or cinema together
  • having a care worker spend time in the garden with you so that you can continue to enjoy a favourite past time safely

What can’t I use my Home Care Package funding to pay for?

While there are a few grey areas of what can and can’t be covered under your Home Care Funding, there are clear guidelines that exclude the following things from being paid for:

  • Day-to-Day bills, like your utilities or groceries
  • your rent or mortgage costs
  • the cost of holidays
  • entertainment and gambling
  • things that are already covered by Medicare or Pharmaceutical Benefits
  • programs already subsidised by the Australian Government.